Wednesday, 14 November 2018

zANTI APK (WiFi Hack) v2.5.0 Free Download for Android

zANTI is an Android Application Now free Download for Android Operating System in Apk format. zANTI is used to Change MAC address, Create a Malicious Wifi Hotspot, Exploit Router Vulnerabilities, and Password complexity Audit Bruteforce attack. Now you can use zANTI for different purposes this application is free for Android Operating System, you can also download zANTI APK from here. The security system is the most important part you should take care of this. Sometimes your data may leak through the loopholes because of you don't concentrate on that loopholes by using zANTI first you find these all type of errors and secure your network and system o fix the bugs, source which is involved to provide or leak store data.
zANTI provides you amazing services, these services all about related to your network, for example, you can change your MAC address, this application allows you to use multiple Mac Address. Some time your IP address or Mac address blocked from any wifi router then you should use different MAc address. zANTI is Android Application that allows you to do this now download Zanti APK from here this is free Android Application.

How To Change Mac Adress with zANTI (Wifi Hack)

  • First of all Download zANTI APK from here
  • Open zANI swipe left
  • Click on Mac Change on top, then Tap on "Set New Mac Adress"
  • Generate Random Function 
  • You are able to edit wifi Mac address
  • After editing tab on "set new Mac address"

How To Create a Malicious Wi-fi Hotspot

On very initial stage you have to select "zTether" then simply tap on Tether Control then let other people use Wifi hotspot if they do you are able to hijack the device that is connected with the network. The zANTI allows you to redirect HTTP request to your IP, SSL Strip: Redirect Https to HTTP, Capture Download: capture download file and store them on SDcard, Intercept Download: Replace download file with the specified file, Insert specified HTML into web pages and replace images. If you select any option you can get more details each

How to Exploit Router Vulnerabilities

  1. First of all click on then the site is open
  2. Select Router Vulnerabilities from the list
  3. Click on the title.
zANTI is a Wifi Hack Tool you can use it to getting more details about any wifi Router, perform the several tasks now download zANTI Apk free for Android smartphones and tablets, if any user face any type of difficulty during use of its services, downloading process or installation then you can mention your opinion below the comment box. You can also try another ethical hacking applications Androrat APK, and Cheat Droid no Root APK

App Information

Name: zANTI
Size: 16.4 MB
Version: v2.5.0
Developer: Zimperium
Require System: Android 4.0+
Format: Apk
Price free
Download Link: Download (16.4 MB)

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