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WefBee APK v1.1.0 Free Download (Latest) for Android

Download Free WefBee latest version for Android smartphones and tablets. With WefBee APK you can get auto followers & auto likes. Click on Download link and get WefBee APK v1.1.0 free of cost. WefBee is an Android application used as an Auto Liker, Auto Followers, FB Auto Friend Request, Group poster, and Auto Page Poster. 

Now you can free Download the Latest version of WefBee in Apk format which is comfortable with Android smartphones and tablets. It is all in one auto tools free for Facebook users, by using WefBee Apk you are eligible for getting Auto followers, Auto likes and so on.  Basically, WefBee is an exchange tool all the users agree to exchange their likes and followers with public people.  The likes and other services of this tool are free for every user, as well it will remain free forever no need to spend any kind of cost. Download the latest version 2018-19 is free for Android device the free download link is below the page.
By using only one application you can use almost more than five different services such as Auto Liker, Auto Followers, FB Auto Friend Request, Group poster, and Auto Page Poster. In past days you did use tools for each service like Apentalcalc you used to get maximum likes as well as FB Auto Followers used for the increasing number of followers but now these all functions build in only one tool. 

WefBee APK Provide Differently Services

As you know today we share very interesting tools for those users who feel uncomfortable due to the lake of likes and less number of followers, you may be heard about auto like tools, auto built followers tool, but now you can use all the required functions get in one tool, The WefBee has an official website also you may visit it's official website and get likes, followers and other services online.

WefBee Auto Followers

The auto follower is the option of WefBee in which you can get Auto Followers on your profile, On the very initial stage, you have to download and install this tool on your Android Smartphone or Tablet. then log in with your Account submit your photo, after submission their you faced five different services of this tool make sure click on that service that you really want to use, so you should tap on Auto follower option to get the massive number of followers

WefBee Auto Liker

Auto Liker (FB photo Liker) is an another best feature, this amazing feature helps you to get the number of likes on your shared photo. The same procedure applies here as you applied to Auto follower option, just change the name of service at the last. May you get all the services in a very easy way because this tool comes with very easy features and unique graphical design that's every Android model supports this tool. Download WefBee v1.1.0 APK Latest Version Free for Android Smart Phones and Tablets. You can download the latest version from the given link below

The WefBee APK provide you free services which are more useful for you. Make sure that this tool can not save your Facebook username/email/password in any form on manner. Your account will just be logged in to the server one time for generating the access token and that's it. While getting the service WefBee has needed some information about your account, like your name, username, date of birth, latest posts/statuses/photos etc.

Useful Information

I want to share some useful information with you otherwise you will confuse while getting services. First of all, check your account setting. Make sure you have enabled  Followers on your account and set "Who can comment on your public posts?" to "Public".  Post Privacy: Make sure your "Post privacy" is set to "Public", otherwise WefBee's tools will not work on that post.

Now Download the Latest version of WefBee App Free for Android smartphones and tablets. The Download link is below the page, get it's Free Apk file from our website. If you people face any kind of difficulty while download and use any feature of this tool then you can contact us directly or you can mention your comment below the comment box.

WefBee App Information

FileName: WefBee
Size: 11.3 MB
Current Version: 1.1.0
Developed by:
Req. Android: Android 2.3 and Up
Download Link: Download (11.3 MB)

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