Saturday, 16 February 2019

MyFBLiker v2.52 (My FB Liker) APK Free Download for Android

MyFBLiker Description

Social media followers or impressions on a profile represent the popularity of a person. If one is not popular or famous on Social media, does not get the much impressive amount of likes, comments, and shares, somehow it feels like disrespect. If you are the one who does not get impressive numbers of an impression on your Social media account, then you can use the application, MyFBLiker APK and there are some other apps which are (Apental Calc, KD Liker APK, Zfn Auto Liker, And Magic Liker APK). This is the most used, top rated and trusted application; thousands of people around the globe are using this application, and getting free auto likes on their Facebook accounts, Business pages, and Fan pages.
The auto Likes which you get on your account are genuine, and the last longing. These impressions will not go off after some hours, days or months; you will see the impressions last longing. The use of MyFB Liker is quite simple and handy, even a kid could use the application. You need to download the application, as we already have provided you with the download link, tap the download button to get the file. Second, you should make some changes on your device to install the application, and on your Facebook profile to get the auto likes.

Features of My FB Liker APK

  • MyFB Liker is a kind of Social App supported by Android Operating System
  • Get maximum likes on your FB Status and photo
  • You can Get Auto Likes
  • More easy to use
  • Free Download for Android Operating System
  • Boost your likes
On your Device, tap on the setting, security setting and check the unknown source button, as installation will be blocked due to downloading of the app from third-party sources. And for a Facebook account, the profile setting should be public, anyone could put impressions on your profile, and follower setting should be public. 

Launch the My FB Liker application on your device, log in using your real ID and password, do not hesitate in providing your password, no one can save or steal your password. There will be a button to generate the token, create the code to put that on the box, next to the first box and tap on the submit button. You will be headed to the next Window, where you can provide your image, status or profile to get impressions or auto likes.

You can get thousands of auto Likes by using the app but use the app carefully, do not be greedy, otherwise, Facebook will ban your account. Tap the download button to get the file, hope the download link will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section and mention the issue. In case of not liking this application then you can get AB Liker from another server.

App Information

File Name: MyFB Liker
Size: 2.6 MB
Current Version: 2.52
Required Android:
Format: .apk
Price: Free
Download Link: Download (2.6 MB)

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