Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Signal Private Messenger 4.10.10 APK Free Download for Android

What are we chatting or sending images, audio and videos can be tracked and revealed by any hacker? You would have known that our messages and the private thing can be tracked, with every passing day; the security and the privacy are getting downside declined. I would like to share with you the very private and very security network by using you would be able to chat with your friends, groups, and relatives, without of any danger. Signal Private Messenger is the application, which gives you complete privacy. As, this application, use your phone, mobile number, and the Signal Private Messenger registered with your phone, can be used on your phone. No other one can use it on their devices becoming you. The privacy is at the peak, you can add your friends, your relatives and create a group. Every text message, an audio message can be not be tracked by any of the device available on the earth. Very secured private messaging application, the WhatsApp is also working like this application, but this is not as secure as this application is. When you will start using Signal Private Messenger, you will come to know the extra layers of security for this application.  Though a very less number of the people is using this application, in near future, there will be good numbers of the people. 
Signal Private Messenger APK
You would have known the privacy revelation after the CIA agent; the person also recommended the application, which cannot be tracked by even the CIA hackers. He himself was also using Signal Private Messenger application. So, tap on the download button at the end of this post and tight the security around you. No one would be able to decrypt your message. All the messages, from all the sides of your friends and groups, will be encrypted, and one would be able to reveal the messages.

Features of Signal Private Messenger:

  • Free chat with your friends
  • Open and free source
  • Give you complete privacy
  • Registered with your phone
  • Free for Android
At the end of this post, we have provided you the link to download Signal Private Messenger application. Tap the download button and get the file. If the download link is not working, comment down in comment section area.

App Information:

File Name: Signal Private Messenger
Size:  27.2 MB
Current Version: 4.10.10
Required Android: 5.1 and up
Price: Free

Download Link:

Signal Private Messenger 4.10.10 APK Free Download for Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Sajid Afiyat


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