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Timbre App v2.1.9 APK (Cut, Join, Convert mp3) Free Download For Android

Timbre APK is an Android Application for editing Audio and Video files it is not for just editing it is also lets you join & convert Mp3 files. Now you can easily together two or more than two files it allows you to do this function an Android device. Timbre is the one of best Mp3 & Mp4 Cutter. It can easily modify your Audio or videos files in seconds.It takes files from your device itself and gives you full access how you make it. This great Application is made according to the new generation that's why to add the number of features in which two important features we have discussed now the most important and most required feature is Convert text into speech this is an amazing & very new feature for you people. You can write any text and paste it in this application it can easily convert into the audio file as well as you can export it as an Audio file.This application especially comes for the purpose of Audio and videos have awesome features add in this applet we describe its Audio feature
Timbre APK Android App Free Download

Audio Features

The great feature is added in this Application, you select an audio file and cut it as you select the range, make it small. In some case people don't like any middle part and want to remove from the song then you can easily do this with the help of Timbre or if you like any part, wish to make it ringtone you also use Timbre for this purpose.
With the help of Timbre App, you can collect two audio files and make it one. Even you can make mix music. In this field the Timbre proved perfect.
This Application lets you to split the audio file into two sections, this is the perfect function available in this App.
This special function of this app it allows you to convert all the audio files and video files, even you can change its formats.

Video Features

-You can cut video portions in different formats like Mp4, Avi, Mkv etc
-Add the different type of video clips in one file
-Convert video clips in different formats like flv to mp4, mp4 to mkv, or Avi
-Remove audio from a video clip
-Change Mp4 to Mp3

App Information

File Name: Timbre
App Size: 21.1 MB
Current Version: 2.1.9
Required Android: 4.1 And Up
Developer: New York, NY 10021
Price: Free 

Download Link:

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