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MX Player Pro 1.7.40 Latest APK Free Download For Android

MX Player Pro APK is world number one video player for Android devices or smartphones. The latest version of MX Player Pro 1.7.40 APK has been released for Android phones or tablets. MX Player is most useful and usable application for android phones. By using this android application you can watch HD videos on your android device. 
MX Player APK free download For Android
In this MX Player Pro version, many new features are added by its developer. MX Player Pro APK latest version also now available on Google Play and homepage as add-free version; follow the link and install on your device. In this post MX player Pro, all version are available. The provided download link is avail at the below of this post. Remember that MX Player latest and old versions are now available in this post. Select one version MX Player to free download now. All versions features are listed, before downloading must read its awesome features…

Features of v1.7.40:

  • Added an option for selecting an action on handset disconnected under settings > Audio.

Features of v1.7.39:

  • Support online subtitle uploading and downloading.
  • Fix broken HW+ decoder on some android 5.0 devices.
  • Action for keyboard up or down key can be defined on playback >> menu >> display >> touch >> setting.
  • Renames files or can delete on external storage on android.
  • Added SW audio local option under settings >> decoder.
  • Playback screen can be changed on settings >> Player >> theme.
  • Added sleep timer on playback screen menu >> tools >> sleep timer.
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.38:

  • Added A-B repeat
  • Added subtitle speed
  • Android TV Support
  • Added SW audio
  • Handles mouse wheel movement on the playback screen.
  • Added background play interface
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.37:

  • Device compatibility.
  • Duplicated folder listing on some phones
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.36:

  • Share menu
  • The black theme is returned
  • Added options for trying HW or HW+ in sequence
  • System notification bar coloring option for android 5.0
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.35:

  • More themes
  • Support styling of play back screen interface
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.34:

  • Added an option for typing hardware audio codec if software audio codec is not available under settings
  • And much more

Features of v1.7.33:

Remove MLP, AC3 audio codec due to license issue.
Added RTL subtitle
Added http user agent

Features of v1.7.32:

  • Supports android lollipop
  • Added view menu on the media list screen
  • Audio track can be disabled through the audio track selection box
  • And more

Features of v1.7.31:

  • Support vobsub subtitle format.
  • Added two more screen lock modes
  • Added last media in each folders

Features of v1.7.30:

  • Fixed some bugs issued on the latest version
  • Improved thumbnail
  • Improved PGS subtitle
  • And much more

All versions of MX Player APK:

MX Player Pro v1.7.40 Latest APK >> Free Download (12.5 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.39 APK >> Free Download (11.74 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.38 APK >> Free Download (11.33 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.37 APK >> Free Download (11.23 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.36 APK >> Free Download (11.34 MB
MX Player Pro v1.7.35 APK >> Free Download (8.25 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.34 APK >> Free Download (4. 12 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.33 APK >> Free Download (5.58 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.32 APK >> Free Download (9.96 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.31 APK >> Free Download (9.64 MB)
MX Player Pro v1.7.30 APK Old version >> Free Download (10.97 MB)

MX Player Pro 1.7.40 Latest APK Free Download For Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Unknown


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