Adblock Plus for Android 1.3 (APK) free Download Latest 2017

Adblock Plus APK Free For AndroidAdblock Plus is a free app for Android phones and extension for Chrome Browser, Safari Browser, UC Browser & much more. It blocks all kinds of annoying ads while browsing. It blocks banners, pop-ups, and many more. It is also free and open source. You can Download the extension for all kinds of major browsers. Which includes chrome, edge, Firefox, Safari and many more.

It is most popular extension in the world. There are more than 100 million device across the world which already use this extension or app. Adblock Plus App can block ads on social media for example you-tube, Facebook etc. You can also customise it. You can select settings to block particular ads while browsing.  In the default setting you will get acceptable ads, it means you will still see simple ads rather than annoying and unwanted pop-ups etc. This feature is good for those sites which are totally dependent on advertising materials.

Features of Adblock Plus:

  • Block all annoying and unwanted ads.
  • Allow acceptable ads, which are not harmful to your computer and phone.
  • If any one tracking then you can disable it.
  • Block all kinds of harmful sites which contains viruses and send spam messages.
  • You will be able to disable the social media buttons.
  • You can customize it to extend blocking.
  • This app or extension do not collects your personal data and information.
  • It is open source & free.

one of the most  acceptable feature is disable the tracking. there are many firms which tracking online activity and history. you will be guaranteed to get better privacy option. you can extend this feature as well. This will never collect and send back your personal data and information. Block malware containing sites. these sites usually sends spam messages to steal passwords, personal information and other data for example user activity etc. so you can get helps to protect your PC against many viruses and malware.

How to use Adblock Plus:

Download The latest version of this App from here. There we provide its free version.
  • Download & Install APK file on Android Device.
  • Its is Realizable for Safari Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Use as a Extension

Addtional information:

File Name: Adblock Plus
Size: 3.23 MB
Category: Productivity 
OS: 2.1 & Up
Price: Free

This is very useful in terms of blocking ads while browsing. You can get better security along with not seeing to much ads. You can Download for free. The download link is given below. install it in your Android device.

Download link:

Adblock-Plus-APK>>Download>> 3,23 MB

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